Spa Valet Service




  • Spa water tested and balanced as needed
  • Filters cleaned or replaced as needed (Filters billed separately)
  • Spa vacuumed
  • Clean and condition the cover
  • Start-up products added
  • Add water to the spa if the level is low
  • Silver Ion Cartridge replaced as needed (Cartridges billed separately)
  • ACE cell cleaned monthly and controls reset (New ACE cell billed separately when needed)
  • Spa turned on & functions tested
  • Report any possible service needs
  • Home Owners must supply all water care products if products are not accessible or empty,
  • HSS will bill if our products are used.


Eugene/Springfield prices below - please call for your service area prices

Weekly Spa Valet

Includes 52 visits per year + 2 annual drains and cleans


Bi-Weekly Spa Valet

Includes 24 visits per year + 2 annual drains and cleans


Monthly Spa Valet

Includes 12 visits per year + 2 annual drains and cleans


Quarterly Drain and Cleans

4 per year


One Time Cleans

Price per clean


I understand my Spa Valet service does not include ANY repair or maintenance of any spa parts, plumbing, controls, or other services that would normally be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or performed by a certified spa technician. Water care products are not provided. I agree to have water care products delivered to my home when my Spa Valet is performed and billed to the credit card on file at the current prices. Hot Spring Spas of Eugene will also bill my Spa Valet fees to the credit card on file (if you do not have a card currently on file, our specialists will assist you in adding a card). Service is billed the services are performed. The package rates for each service above are prorated for equal monthly billing. Annual billing is non-refundable. Should I choose to cancel this agreement, I understand that I will be charged the non-discounted prices plus any additional service fees (example: drain and clean fees) that have not been accessed.


If you have any additional questions please call

Accepting this agreement enrolls you in our Spa Care Valet Program and will automatically send your information to a Hot Spring Spas of Eugene Valet Specialist. After the information has been received and processed, our specialists will contact you to schedule your first service!